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3 Ways A Parent can Tell Child To Build Mental Strength with Smartphone

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According to recent WHO study, 1 person dies every 40 seconds from suicide.

That’s how grave the situation is.

Well, the situation has become worse with the introduction or I would say interruption of gadgets and tech devices such as smartphones. Now people are digitally connected but they are less connected socially anymore.

People rely on their digital friends for advice and suggestions for all important decisions of their lives. Despite the dark side of addiction to smartphone and social media, still there is something that comes as a ray of hope in this depressed world. Here, you can use technology to beat the negative outcomes of over-using technology in an effective way.

Let’s discuss instant ways to build mental strength and how to stay motivated using technology.


Source: metro

Use Smartphone to Connect with Positive People

Smartphone device with a fast Internet connection brings you ocean of knowledge and expertise from masters around the world. Here, you can watch motivational videos on YouTube, be-friend with leaders on social media platforms, make professional connections on LinkedIn, and do lot more. Now that you know how smartphone could be of help, it’s time to make good use of it. Remove all the connections, friends, and followers from the list that are causing you mental stress. Instead choose people who bring positivity in your life.


Download apps to beat social media and smartphone addiction

Well to your ease there are apps that helps you deal with and break social media and smartphone addiction. These apps help you track your smartphone usage to help you monitor which apps you are using much and how you can reduce your dependency on these apps. These apps also offer you real-time tracking report to reduce chances when you over use any app unnecessarily. You can also try meditation and health apps to stay motivated during the depression times.

Take Online Courses

The next thing you should do to improve mental strength is to take online courses for meditation and improve positivity in your life. There are well-known masters who are helping people fight mental illness making them mentally strong. Here, they help you with a step-by-step therapy to deal with all negative things in your life while making things subtle for you.

Use social media to build your social circle

While social media platforms are well cursed for making people think isolated, it has a positive aspect too. You can use these powerful platforms to actually connect people whom you value most in your life. You can share your feelings with them and meet them in person through social media platforms. It also offers you an opportunity to meet new people around the world, know their perspective about life, their lifestyle, and more.


Use smartphone to make professional contacts

One of easiest ways to stay motivated during the depression is to have strong circle of professionals. To do this, download all important apps on your device including LinkedIn to stay connected with people from your industry and profession. It will not only help you make good professional contacts, but it will also be useful to keep you busy with some productive work.

So, these were few quick tips you can follow to improve mental strength and stay motivated during the depression times. Do try them and share if you have tried something new to beat tough times in your life.

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