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Challenge: NICU Parenting

3-3-15 the day my world changed

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Hypertension, a word that even to this day I cringe at. My baby Ava Rose was born 3-3-15 at 35 weeks gestational. I went to the hospital for monitoring the day before to see if Ava was moving okay and to see what her heart rate was when she did move. Everything looked good she was moving her heart rate was 170... but after the last time I heard her move a storm of nurses and doctors came in. Freaking out they then explained to me that they need to get my blood presure down or I could have a seaziure if I go



in labor. So they gave me blood presure medicine all night that night nothing my bp was still at 195/97 my obygn came in the next morning and told me I am going in for a c section that afternoon. Ava was born at 530pm weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces 21" long. Seems like a normal baby right? Well she was perfect other then then amniotic fluid she inhaled when they were taking her out. She was rushed to St. Joes NICU in Phoenix AZ. It was 9 days before I could hold her. She had a tube for those 9 days. 21 days in total we were there seemed like forever but the day we got to take her home I cried going down the hallway because it was the last time I would and the last time I would see the amazing staff who was there for me at my worst. 2 years later and now she's healthy and potty training just like a normal 2 year old. I can't thank the march of dimes enough for everything. My advice I have for NICU moms today is to be strong your baby will sense your sadness and they need their mommy to be happy so they can get better. Everything happens for a reason! Be strong NICU mom's.

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