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What Age Should You Buy Your Child A Cell Phone?

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As my children are getting older, there are more opportunities for them to be away from me without a means to communicate. And, as their activities become more frequent after school, often, there are times when they must wait for me at school or at an activity until I can arrive to pick them up.

When they were small, they were never without a grown up who had access to a phone. But, now that they are Tweens, they are on the go: sports practices, trips to the movies with friends, and school activities. We are entering the busy life of Tweendom and all of the social media debates that come with the advent of double digit ages.

And, in this modern age, Tweens "talk" to their friends via text, IM, and FaceTime. Gone are the days of a kitchen phone attached to the wall and hiding in the dining room for privacy (remember doing that??).

And, so I ask you: What age is appropriate to allow your child to have a cell phone?

What restrictions do you put in place for data and texting?

Do you have multiple Tweens/Teens in your house? Do they share a house cell phone?

Tell me what works for you and your Tweens...I'd love to hear your answers!

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