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Like Father, Like Son

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When my husband and I imagined starting our family, we knew that it would be a life changing experience. But we had no idea that our small addition would have such an immense impact on the direction our lives were taking.

I had always known Gerald to be the type of person that needed to get his hands on things to figure out how they worked. And once he did that, he was always brainstorming ways to make them function better, and to make them easier to use. So it was no surprise to me that with his inquiring mind, and his engineering background, he aspired to become an entrepreneur. He wanted to bring his ideas to others, to make their lives simpler.

While preparing the nursery a few weeks before our son was born, we found ourselves wondering where we would place our video baby monitor. We tried putting it on the crib, but even with the technology and range of motion of the camera, we still couldn’t see the entire crib (I knew that would be a problem once he was old enough to start moving around in there)! I also didn’t like the idea of having a dangerous power cord within his little arm’s reach. We tried placing it on shelves and bookcases, but had the same problems with the view. We could have mounted it to the wall…but I hated the idea of putting holes in our freshly painted, perfect-shade-of-gray nursery.

That’s when VuSee, the Universal Baby Monitor Shelf (my husband’s very first product!), was born. It enabled us to mount the baby monitor camera at an angle that would allow for an entire view of our son’s crib, while keeping the dangerous cord away from the crib. Not only did it make mounting the baby monitor camera easy, it also helped this mama rest easy, too.

That was just the beginning! Since launching VuSee, Gerald has cultivated his own product design and manufacturing company, BeraTek Industries. They now offer a full line of products that truly live up to their motto: “Innovative Solutions to Simplify Your Life.” I couldn’t be more proud.

Despite devoting most of his time and energy to his growing business, Gerald still manages to be an incredible father to our little Levi (now 15 months old)! They have so much fun together, and I can’t help but smile when I see the look of concentration and intrigue on Levi’s face when he’s trying to take his toys apart. Like father, like son.

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