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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

I believe judgment comes from being scared, insecure or feeling alone.

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I believe judgment comes from being scared, insecure or feeling alone. At least this is how I was feeling when I caught myself judging other moms after having my first baby. I’m 3000 miles away from my family and all my girlfriends who have children. I’m trying to raise my kiddos in an area where the people are very different than anyone I ever knew growing up in a tiny hippie valley in Northern California. I judged a lot until I figured out I was judging because I felt alone and I was afraid my parenting methods and choices were being judged.

I spent a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram trying to show everyone how well I was doing and how “picture perfect” my life was. I thought if my life looked perfect then no one would judge or realize how lonely and insecure I was feeling. One day I, finally, had enough of faking it and started posting my truth. I shared openly about my son’s tantrums and my saggy post-breastfeeding breasts, about my daughter heckling me in public restrooms because as most moms know – after having children, when you gotta go, YOU GOTTA GO NOW! I thought, well, my life is insane but at least it’s funny. I bet other moms would find this funny as well and maybe my stories would make them feel less alone. So I created a web series, Real Mommy Confessions.

Real Mommy Confessions was created from my need to stop Fakebooking, or trying to be the perfect Pintrest Parent. Being a mom is hard. It’s the most wonderfully amazing, yet heartbreaking job in the world and there’s real comedy in the chaos.

Each episode is a confession under two minutes long, so moms will actually have a chance to watch it from start to finish before their child tries to flush a sippy cup down the toilet.

Here's one episode about answering the tough questions when you have a toddler. There are no perfect answers when dealing "why?" "why??" "why???" so try not to judge yourself or others.

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