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Challenge: Open Discussion

Being Black in America - Talking to Your Kids About Race

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It is sad that we are talking about this in 2016 as it seems like we are living more in the 60's these days. Although, my husband and I and our children were not around during those turbulent racial times, it is our history that is repeating itself.

We took to Facebook LIVE about a month ago to have an open discussion with our adult children and our network about race. It's a conversation that needs to be had in every family. With over 9,000 views, hundreds of shares and approximately 700 comments, we knew this was something that was resonating with the people of America.

If we don't start making some serious changes, our children and our grandchildren will suffer greatly. This is a post racial society, or so we have been told. Unfortunately, WE can't tell. You can view the video here and leave a comment if you like. We are open to real solutions. We all have to exist together.

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