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Challenge: Back to School

First Day of PreK? Prepare For #AllTheFeels

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"I will not cry in public." That was my mantra the day Boy started Pre-K today.

I remember sitting in a coffee shop after the first drop-off trying to keep myself in check.

We'd been preparing. For 2 days we'd walked downtown to the school. Both days my Boy exclaimed: "That's my new school! Can we go in? I want to go to school!" Instead we played on the playground right beside it.

On the big day Boy was so excited as he hugged his sister goodbye. He dutifully posed for photos at home & even as we walked to the school. We got into the classroom and he went right to playing. There was no concern when Hubs had to leave. There wasn't a hint of uncertainty about him when he said bye to me a few minutes later.

As it happened, I had to stop to fill in some information just outside the doorway. Before I could finish he came running out into the hall crying, wildly looking for me.

I will never forget how my heart broke as sobbed over and over, "You can't leave me... I'm just scared."

Although I wanted to scoop him up and take him home, I was brave.

Doing my best to calm him, I started singing. His little voice so quiet, quivering in a way I've never heard, we sang the first verse of "Sing (sing a song)" together. I reminded him this was our song & if he felt unsure he could sing to himself & it would make it better.

That's all I had. But it was enough.

The first day - no - the first month was rough. But we made it through.

And I can say with certainty that the only time I was glad for a half day was on that first day of school.

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