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You're not a magical 'effin unicorn and that's OK

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Inspiration comes in spurts.

So do motivation, patience, and the like.

And unless you're a magical 'effin unicorn

-- which none of us are --

you don't have any of 'em ALL of the time

or all of them at ANY one time.

That's just not how the majority of us operate.

We've got highs and lows and moods for days.

We've got dreams and a reality that we're trying to balance.

And then there are dreams we're trying to make our reality and a reality we're trying to stay grateful for because, well, it was once our dream.

We've got days that we wake up on the right side of the bed and days that we don't wanna get outta bed.

But we always do.

And, on any given day, that's enough.

Waking up

and showing up

and dishing out whatever we feel we can bring to the table.

There's always a seat for us.

We're always welcome.

And we don't need

a freakin' alicorn,

a big paycheck,

proof of productivity

or the impressed eyes of others

to earn us a place or respect that's inherent.

So this is your Sunday (and every) night reminder that no matter what this (or any) week throws at you, you don't have to break your back or ride your own arse to be awesome.

Quite to the contrary, you just have to BE to be awesome.

Because you are you, and you are not

what it is that you do,

how fast you do it,

and how many people acknowledge or like what you do.

And I think more people need to hear that.

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