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Challenge: Finding Your Village

If your circle is so awesome, why not open it up?

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If your circle is so awesome, why not open it up?

I mean if you are one of the lucky ones who has found her "ride or die" peeps, and there are a bazillion of us perfectly content (but really are we?) introverts out there who just might need some of our own (even if we won't admit it), then why not slice that donut, open it up slightly and let us mousey Marys check out your awesome world if/when we're ready?

"Well, stop right there," you say.


Because we should have to earn that "ride or die" status, right?

You cant give that kind of honor to anyone is what you'd argue.

And, you're not wrong.

But, here's the thing...

Many of those who don't approach those carefully curated, well-maintained circles, such as yours, inadvertently present ourselves as self-absorbed or socially awkward when nine times out of ten, were not.

We're normal-ish - just like you.

But we're slightly abnormal in that we're extroverted introverts who are presently overwhelmed by the stage of life we are in and circles, well, they kind of give us anxiety because we interpret them to be restricting and just one more responsibility we have no time to take on.

It's probably our misperception.

In fact, I'm sure it's an inaccurate impression, but its one that we seemingly can't get past.

That friendship circles/tribes/groups and the like are all INTENSE, and so are the people in them.

You see, people like me, we are easily swamped by life and adding more people into ours, or jumping into yours, just sounds like more work (that we'll probably fail at) and who in the heck has got the time for that?

Not me.

And, likely neither do you, but you make and maintain that circle anyway like a boss because you understand the purpose it serves, in your life, and the ones you care to share it with.

You and your circle GET and accept the fact that circles are like hoops, and good ones are hoops you want and are welcome to jump in, out of and through, as needed, without judgment or ridicule and with constant support.

Yeah, closed circles can be great, I guess, but they can get suffocating annoying and/or boring, and though so many of us presume the circles we see lack openings, the reality is most of them probably don't.

With an open-door policy, circles can overlap, and so can friendships, and before you know it, well, looky there, we've got an intertwined web of camaraderie and support.

If you've got an awesome circle, considering opening it up.

And, if your someone who generally avoids circles, get out of your comfort zone and consider changing things up.

When we welcome each other "as-is," and without expectation, we are humaning the right way; the "come when you please," "all accepted here," loving way.

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