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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Your journey is sacred to you

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Nobody sees.

Nobody knows.

Your hardships.

Your small wins.

The strength that it takes to get through the more challenging days.

The strong faith it takes to remember that (prayerfully) it won’t always be this hard.

The self-curated mindfulness it takes to be aware of how f*ckin awesome the good days are.

Nobody sees.

Nobody knows.

Your work struggles.

Your body image battles.

The war you fight daily against your anxiety.

How confused you feel.

How every decision is made with hesitation.

Nobody sees.

Nobody knows.

The ins and outs of your husband and children quite like you do.

The perfectly flawed imperfect human who is reflected every time you pass a window or a mirror.

How hard you have and continue to work for the life you’ve built with the ones you couldn’t love anymore or ever live without.

Nobody sees.

Nobody knows.

And that’s actually quite special.

That your journey, in its utterly impressive entirety, is sacred to you.

That you are the one that gets to be privy -- from the inside out -- to all of your moments and the life lessons they impart.

Maybe nobody sees, and maybe nobody knows, and perhaps they even judge or jump to conclusions based on what they perceive is going on.

But, do you know who always sees and always knows?

Your creator,

the ones you created


the one you created those children with.

They see.

They know.

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