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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

You'll screw up, and then you'll keep screwing up, and not for lack of trying

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When you woke up this morning, I hope that you gave yourself a clean slate.

I hope that your morning shower washed away your mistakes from yesterday and any lingering guilt over those.

'Cause your kids, they forgive you, and they’ll forgive you one-hundred times over, whether you deserve it or not.

You’ll deserve it each time, but you will always think that you don't, and it'll be you who won't forgive yourself.

Because you want to be and do better.

You want to be the mom a kid would wish for.

You want to improve at parenting.

And you want to make all of the right choices.

Not only do you want to, but you feel that you need to.


So that all of your years both in and out of the workforce in the name of raising and supporting good humans, will mean something.

But guess what?

They already do mean something.

Actually, they mean a lot of somethings to the very people you worry aren't getting the best of you.

When you woke up today, you fudgin' better have given yourself a clean slate and here's why --

because all of the years you've

mothered tired,

mustered up strength,

found energy you didn't know you had,

and rose to the continuous challenge that is raising good balanced people in a world plagued by the glorification of busy and of perfection,

has earned you a million more chances; opportunities, not to get it "right," but to grow.

And, that's all you did yesterday, and honestly, it's what you'll do tomorrow and the next day and the next.

You'll screw up, and then you'll keep screwing up, and not for lack of trying.

So, instead of beating yourself up over your missteps, praise the hardworking and dedicated being that you are for your progress that very straightforwardly looks like



and growing,

day in and day out.

Now put that on your slate and take it with you.

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