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Challenge: Get Happy!

Who you want to be is not someone who bullies herself in the mirror

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What if I told you to wash it away?

That, at the end your day, when you stand in front of the mirror to take off your almost already sweated-off makeup, you also must wipe from your mind and conscious your mama missteps of the day, and the guilt, that though unwelcome, parks itself within your being.

That you must rid yourself --

your actual being,

the one reflected in the mirror

and the one that the whole world is lucky enough to know

-- of any negative self-talk in the name of self-improvement.

While I would suggest us mamas must be honest with ourselves when it comes to the things we can change to be better for our family and loved ones, it's naive to think that we are capable of doing that daily without becoming overwhelming distraught over our imperfections.

So, how about we vow to attest that we are wonderful people and hella good wives and mothers even though we make mistakes.

And, that we decide to recognize where there is room for improvement in only a way that shouts

"I see I've messed up, but I'm giving myself grace."

You'd never let your child, stand in the bathroom (or anywhere for that matter), put themselves down, and hem and haw on why they stink.

So, don't let yourself either!

Every evening, you have the opportunity to wash away the doubts that circulate in that overtasked brain of yours; your uncertainty about whether you are a good enough









And, every evening you are blessed enough to have the opportunity to bare and accept your authentic being with a clean the slate as you head into every new tomorrow.

Maybe you'll get it right when tomorrow comes.

Maybe you'll do a little better, but not great.

Or, perhaps, you'll fudge up again.

Either way, you're a powerful woman and human who gets to choose who she wants to be in this one life, and while I may not know you, I can practically guaranfudgintee that who you want to be is not someone who bullies herself in the mirror 'cause she's not perfect.

If I told you to wash it away --

the stinky part of you that is overly self-critical and judgmental --

would you?

Could you?

You need to.

I can see you in the mirror, barefaced, bearing your soul and accepting who you are, faults and all, and she's flippin' impressive and beautiful.

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