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You'll never be sorry you're wrapped around their fingers

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You know how you swear you’ll never let your kids walk all over you?

You say you’ll never be the kind of parent that lets their kid get away with murder.

You’ll put your foot down.

You’ll be strong.

It won’t happen to you.

And then you take one look at your baby, as they’re placed in your arms, and you don’t stand a chance.


With just that solitary moment, you’re won over.

It happened to you.

This tiny human, that you’ve just met, has you utterly and completely wrapped around their finger.

Believe me, it’ll get you every time.

It’s those fantastic, chubby thighs.

It’s that gummy smile.

It’s that light in their eyes when you’re the first person they see in the morning.

It’s that can’t-get-close-enough snuggle during a bedtime story.

It’s that extra hug as you drop them off for their first day of school.

It’s that sticky kiss.

It’s the sharing of their deepest feelings.

It’s the long conversations into the night.

It’s the too-big-for-your-lap-but-they’ll-always-fit movie nights.

They may not be that tiny baby forever, but they’ll always have you wrapped around their finger.

And while you swore you’d never let it happen to you, you’ll always be grateful that it did.

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