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Why you should wear your baby

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No, babies haven’t become a high fashion accessory, but taking your child wherever you go in a baby carrier attached to your own body has many benefits for your child. In all honesty, you can always get a carrier with prints and patterns that match your own fashion style and make it an accessory. Of course, comfort and safety of your child always come first.

Feed your baby anywhere

By carrying your baby with you most of the time, you won’t have to worry about your small child getting hungry and cranky, or stopping whatever you’re doing in order to give your baby milk. In that respect, carrying your baby can make the breastfeeding a lot easier and more efficient, especially when you consider the proximity and the possibility to satisfy your child’s needs hands-free.

Social contact

When you have your child in a baby carrier when you’re on the go, your child also gets the chance to observe the world and people passing by. This is very important for the children. This will help them adjust and get used to others, reduce shyness in the following years and allow them to open up easier. Use this as an opportunity to let your child socialize with your friends and acquaintances when you happen to meet them as well.


Deeper bond

Unconditional love is a given between a parent and a child, but not many people are aware that the bond can get even stronger and deeper through constant physical contact. With your child being with you most of the time, touching you and hugging you, and you returning the gestures, you’ll be able to communicate on a more personal level more often. What’s more, simply feeling the child’s body next to yours will undoubtedly deepen the connection that you share.

Less crying

All kids show a big smile the moment they see their parents’ faces. By carrying your child in a top quality baby carrier, your child will enjoy the comfort of the cradle and feel safe. At the same time, the baby will be able to see your face. All this contributes to fewer possibilities for a child to cry. Of course, babies will cry when they are hungry or get their diapers dirty, but you won’t have to worry about them crying for no apparent reason, which is actually the fear of being alone on most occasions.

Sound sleep

Similarly to less crying, you won’t have to sit by your child’s cradle all day, trying to get them go to sleep. Kids want to feel your presence and feel safe in order to drift off completely and soundly to their own little dreamland. By introducing baby carrier to your daily life and having your child sit comfortably and feeling warm right next to you, they will take their naps on their own. Babies will generally be a lot calmer and easier to soothe as well.


Better balance

As you move, your baby will move in a carrier. This will significantly improve and speed up the development of your child’s balance and motor skills. Think about it – it’s a lot better to have your child use their muscles as soon as possible than having them lie down in a stroller every time you have to go out.

Basically, baby carriers can do a lot of good for your child, but your baby is not the only one who will benefit from it. You’ll also have more chances to finish all your tasks and chores, you’ll get the opportunity to improve your physical fitness and avoid the anxiety that might happen when you have to separate with your small child.

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