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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

You live and learn

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​When I had my first child I went to the hospital and thought I knew what I wanted and what to do. As I look back I knew nothing! You can read all the parenting books in the world, but nothing I mean absolutely nothing prepares you to become a parent. In a blink of an eye, you are now caring for a child. A helpless child that depends on you for everything.

I wish I had known to trust myself. I'm going to make mistakes and it's OK. Just because I'm a parent doesn't mean I'm perfect. As a parent, I know my child better than anyone! Our family would make suggestions and I would question myself. I now realize that al children are different and what right for one child isn't right for mine.

I wish I have known I would never sleep. My kid was a great sleeper, so that wasn't the issue. How in the world do you sleep worrying about SIDS and every other possible thing that could or might happen. No one ever told me I would worry that much.

I wish I had known I didn't need all those “must haves” on all the baby's sites. I hate to think about how much I spent on frilly little hats, bottle steamers, and changing table. Oh, and the going home outfit I couldn't tell you how much I spent just to not use it. It might look cute for pictures, but baby would rather just be comfy.

My biggest wish is I would have taken it day by day and slowed down. Time goes by so fast and that's one thing that I can't get back. I can make more money and all of that, but I can't get those firsts back as much as I wish I could, I can't.


My advice for a new mom is enjoy it. I promise the hard times will change they won't go away because every parenting stage has a different set of challenges, but the ones you're facing now will get better. Don't worry about the house just enjoy all those first. The first cry, smile, roll over, tooth, and all the other ones that will come. You will never get those back, but the dishes, clothes, and floors you can clean anytime. Enjoy your baby they grow up so fast.


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