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Challenge: Open Discussion

10 Things I Wish Every Parent Should Know

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Hi, Katherine is my Scottish name, I'm a mindset parenting coach. I'm the mother of four and every year before we open the doors to our global village, our online subscriptions are open to learning more about parenting. I'm so thrilled and honored to be sharing parents’ wisdom with you. With even more inspiration and mindset shifts to help you love parenting and parent from love. Click Here! to know more about parenting.

Priority to Make Kids Obedient

I said my priority was to make my kids obedient, no matter what, just because I said so. I wish every parent knew there is a different way to raise kids from love and respect that works better in the long term for them and that will make better human beings. Don't fall into the permissive or punitive parenting styles as a default, just because that may be what you grew up with and what you think is the only thing that's available. There are other available parenting solutions and approaches that we can learn just like any new skill.


Love Yourself as much as You Love Them

I can only give what I have and that my cup needs to be full first. Your kids need you to love you, love yourself as much as you love them. The way that you feel about yourself will probably be mirrored in the way that they feel about themselves. Evaluate yourself before you wreck yourself. Do you have to call yourself dumb when you make a mistake? Do you have to complain about being overweight or getting grey hairs? or can you celebrate your body and shape just as you are? Do exercise during pregnancy and after it to give your body shape. Remember, your self-talk becomes their self-talk. Plus, life is just more fun when you learn to love yourself.

Enjoy Parenting

Discover how to enjoy parenting and I wish that every parent should aware of their own triggers and their own inner child, all in the name of giving us parents the empowerment to change our lives into something more joyful with our children. What makes parenting truly hard? The secret, it is not the sleepless nights or the financial burdens, although those do not help. What makes parenting truly challenging is the fact that we get triggered by our children like nothing else in the world. Suddenly when you have kids, and they push back against you, you find yourself behaving like a two-year-old. Screaming, yelling, punishing, kicking. Re-parenting our own inner child and overcoming some of those triggers is what makes parenting so challenging.

Act Differently

We try to be gentler; we try to be more conscious as we parent as parents. We need to be the change, that we want to see in the world. If we are gentle, our kids are gentle. If we are respectful, our kids are respectful. This principle applies to all aspects of our life. The best parenting advice ever, hands down, show, don't tell. Treat your kids how you want them to treat others.

Motherhood is a Blessing

I couldn't understand why motherhood didn't feel as good as I had always imagined. I was really surprised at how much I had let culture influence my parenting ideals. I wish all parents knew how great life can be when you make the decision to parent on purpose instead of how culture dictates. Motherhood is a Blessing.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning

You can end the cycle of shame and make the world a better place. Our cultural norms are so entrenched in us that sometimes we're not even aware of them. Liberate your mind to find fresh new ways to approach parenting that might feel more joyful and more like you.

Help in the Right Direction

Parenting Junkie has impacted my life by already making it less stressful and chaotic. I am more a loving and understanding parent to my kids. You aren't alone and you don't have to be alone. I wish everybody knew where to get information and resources to learn and make small steps in the right direction. Get help. Help, help, help! We're not supposed to do this alone, people, it is not how humans evolved. Stop super-mama syndrome. Put down your cape and accept the next offer of help you get. I see you with all your resistance and I can't afford it, I hear you. If you open your eyes and heart to those around you, I am pretty sure you may well find an abundance of free help from the people around you who want to support you. You need to be open to receiving.

Intimacy with Kids


I find myself struggling to be the mother that I always wanted to be. My motherhood is not about being perfect or have this perfect family. It's about presence, play, connection, intimacy and I wish that for every parent. Embrace your quirks, your weirdness, even your flaws and weaknesses, and you might just find that those are ultimately your biggest strengths.

Get Help from Parenting Websites

Parenting novels and online articles have impacted my life majorly on all levels, on my self-confidence, but also in de-cluttering in making my life and the life of my children and my family much more relaxed and mindful. I wish that every parent would know and find their way to the podcasts. That can be overwhelming, I mean the internet can cause information overload, decision fatigue and comparison which is the thief of joy, making you feel just kind of down in the dumps about your own life; to find a connection to like-minded parents and to find inspiring actionable ideas.

Value of Respectful Parenting

I have learnt how to set and hold firm limits while still being empathetic, relational and respectful of my kids. The relationship side has been winning and life is a lot calmer now. I wish every parent should know the value of respectful, peaceful, gentle, intentional parenting. Both from the brain development point of view and from the relational point of view for the short term and the long term. Kind parenting has long-term ramifications. Let's try to forget the short-term gratification and remember that it's not about controlling this moment. Instead, it's about investing in trust and love that is a relationship with our child that lasts a lifetime.

Learn about Do’s and Don’ts

I had a lot of guilt and I was really getting caught up in the labels; do's and don'ts; rights and wrongs of the RIE approach. I just felt like I had no support. We're doing the best we can, treat yourself like you do your child, acknowledge your feelings, be compassionate. There are many parenting websites help you to learn more about motherhood and how to treat with kids’ behavior issues. We're all in this journey together and it's best to just kind of keep evolving and learning. This parenting thing is a never-ending learning curve.


Motherhood is a loving and precious relationship. “Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.” —Kate Winslet

I'm going to be giving you three big challenges, one for each week that are going to make a huge difference in the way that your children play and even more importantly in the way that your family life feels to you.

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