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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

You are exactly the mom your kids need

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Some moms never miss a workout.

Some moms love making home-cooked meals.

Some moms have all the patience in the world.

Some moms keep their homes spotless.

Some moms manage their family’s hectic schedule like a pro.


Some moms have the best time playing with their kids.

Some moms know how to stay calm despite the chaos.

Some moms radiate love.

Some moms travel the world with their kids.

Some moms take time to curl their hair.

Some moms snuggle their kids to sleep.

Some moms balance work and home like a boss.

Some moms pack the best lunches.

Some moms throw Pinterest-worthy parties.

Some moms take the cutest pictures of their kids.

Some moms seem to do it all, everyday, so flawlessly.

But what makes that other mom awesome isn’t what makes you awesome.

So her skills and strengths and talents and gifts?

They’re great.

But they’re hers.

Not yours.

Because you’re not meant to be like her.

You’re not meant to have her skills and strengths and talents and gifts.

You’re meant to be you.

With your own skills and strengths and talents and gifts.

So celebrate her.

Let her know what an incredible mom she is.

Let her know that you see what makes her uniquely her, and you think that’s amazing.

Then sit back, relax, and be uniquely you.

Not her.


Because you, Mama, are exactly the mom your kids need.

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