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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

You Are Enough.

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This year, instead of creating a "new you"....let's just focus on the "you" that already exists.

She is enough.

Maybe if we told her more often, she wouldn't need a "new year" to discover her gifts.

This year let's focus on not being attached to an outcome.

Let's identify areas for growth and grab the courage to create new habits instead of focusing on breaking old ones.

Let's find that sweet spot between effort and discipline.

Let's take time for self care and remind that girl that she has everything inside of her that it takes to be happy.

Let's do all of this with kindness and compassion for her.

Let's think in terms of intentions and not resolutions.

Intentions make room for the outcome to be FOR us.

Just keep breathing girl....keep breathing.

Inside of that breath, lies a world of enough.

I intend to show that girl that she has what it takes to create beauty all around her.....just by showing up.

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