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Challenge: Rise!

YOLO, but not like that

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Live your life 'cause you only get one.


But don't yolo like that.

'Cause you've got to live your life with other people in mind.

The more selfless you are, the more self-fulfilled you'll feel.

But don't focus on your fulfillment too much because it's a trap, and it's hard to escape.

Find people that fulfill you, but don't need to feel fulfilled by them 'cause you've got to be able to fulfill yourself.

Speaking of yourself, why do you keep talking about you?

Don't focus on you; focus on others because that will actually bring you closer to you.

But make sure you focus on yourself enough because that's a big part of essential self-care.

Self-care can be anything that makes you happy.

But, try not only to find joy in self-care that costs money.

Though if getting your hair or your nails done and a day at the spa is your thing, don't deprive yourself.

Speaking of deprivation, don't deprive your life of the pleasures that can't be bought, by wasting your time spending money on the pleasures that can.

That being said, if a daily coffee shop coffee is your thing, then drive your arse to your favorite coffee shop, pay five dollars for your Venti and drink up.

Speaking of driving, don't drive too fast and be safe.

That being said, don't try too slow 'cause those kinds of people annoy other people.

Don't work too hard.

But be sure your lazy arse is contributing in some way.

And, no, your butt contributing to the couch doesn't count.

But resting is important, so be sure to sit your biscuit down if ever you're feeling overwhelmed, drained, and like you need a break.

Still, don't let this world break you.

But, allow for breakdowns because it's only when you break that your shiitake can be put back together.

But, don't let other people tell you how you fit in the puzzle.

Still, also be okay with asking for help if you're not sure.

If you're not confident in what you're saying, don't speak.

But always speak up on things that matter to you, no matter what.

Get a job.

But don't settle for one that is less than you want or think you deserve.

Still, you've got to put in your time, sometimes start at the bottom and work your way up.

But up isn't the only place to go if your content right where you are.

Yet don't get complacent with who you are -- try to grow.

But also accept you as you are right now, faults and all.

Dream big.

But don't let those dreams distract you from the present.

And stay present because it is the now that you'll never get back.

Give each day, each task, and each loved one your all.

But don't give them all of your all 'cause you need to save some for you.

Speaking of saving, remember you don't need anyone to save, but you.

Still, save other people when you can, but not at the expense of you.

Have faith.

But don't ever question it or Him.

Ask questions, but don't interrogate.

Love hard, but don't overwhelm.

Be kind, but don't be a doormat.

Be funny, but never rude.

If life hands you lemons, make


a lemon-tini,

lemon sorbet

or some lemon meringues.

But, whatever you do, don't waste those lemons 'cause some kid somewhere doesn't have lemons and would give anything for yours.

Consider the people and the world outside of the walls of your home.

But focus on those inside of yours, because how your loving and supporting them matters a whole lot.

Watch the news and stay up on current events.

But be sure to turn the news off sometimes, as it's all very sad and depressing.

Get outside. Pandemic or no pandemic, the sun, and exercise are good for you.

Be careful when you're outside that people don't invade your bubble.

Wear a mask to protect others.

Wear a mask to protect yourself.

But take off your mask of strength because its okay to be struggling.

Are you struggling to feel seen?

Or, are you seen so much by the little and big people in your life that you wanna run and hide for a minute?

Speaking of minutes, make sure you take some for yourself today.

But, don't spend yours complaining about how life could or should be different.

Complaining gets you nowhere.

But if you need to, go ahead, cause any release is better than no release.

Speaking of releasing things, unclench your jaw, stop shaking your leg, and stop gritting your teeth.

Stay calm and in control.

But don't try to be so in control that it makes you crazy.

Let others in.

But don't let others' actions or emotions affect you and yours.

Be patient.

But don't sit around waiting for life and change.

Change is great, but is it necessary?

Life is now, and it's all of this.

Confused? Me too.

Frustrated? Me too.

Scared? Me too.

Drinking and overeating? Me too.

Happy? Me too.

Still hopeful? Me too.

Still grateful? Me freakin' too.

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