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Working mothers: 10 effective ways to rightly balance kids and work!

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More mothers are increasing in the working force. Definitely, a working mother has a double job and responsibility. A working mother might feel stressed and guilty for dividing her time between family and work. The key to the work and parenthood balancing act is to remain focused on your plan, be organized and achieve the right amount of balance between the two. Juggling a home life and a job can get very stressful. Below are the top ways to be effective both at work and at family care-

1.Stop being guilty- Just simply think about your role in your organization that is advantageous for your child’s bright future. Perhaps, now that you are working so you have the opportunity to provide certain special educational opportunities to your child which would not have been possible otherwise. The most successful working mothers will always find a way out of the hassles of work-life balance.

2.Locate a quality childcare center- Ask your family and friends for proper and right babysitters, nannies and day care centers. If you are working, you can also prepare a list of the criteria that you need in the child care provider and find out the one that meets your needs. Select the best child care center having excellent references, great experience and reviews and an extensive proven record. The best day care service for you will be the one providing flexible hours, proper outdoor space, low student- teacher ratio, suitable employees and upgraded licenses. Also, when leaving your kids behind, you need to ensure that all those things that are required by your baby is packed with him. If your child goes to the child care center, you need to pack casual clothes for him that he can change after reaching the center. The clothes being packed must be comfortable. When going on a shopping spree, especially for your child, make sure to buy right baby clothes so that your kids feel comfortable.

3.Hassle free and easier mornings- All the things can be organized at night previously to avoid starting the mornings on an exhausted and frazzled note. The kid’s lunch should be packed; clothes ready and get everyone fresh after a shower. The decision of what to prepare for breakfast or how to keep backpacks or work bags ready should be made prior to the work.

4.Create and execute a family calendar- Locate and identify the priorities of your family. A perfect family calendar may include- due bills, a list of family and school events, birthdays, extracurricular activities, and much more. Staying organized is the key to the right balance between personal and professional life. Important documents and papers should be placed in a suitable confidential place under lock and key along with some petty cash and jewels. This organization will save a lot of time and energy of the mother and bring about efficiency in all her tasks and work.

5.Spend quality time - A working mother should not focus on spending quantity time with the kids, but instead should lay emphasis on spending quality time with them. This helps in establishing a deeper bond with the child. Definitely, working mothers have lesser time to devote to their children than housewives. But if they are spending quality time with them, then it is sufficient. Talking, cuddling, eating together will certainly prioritize the work and kids perfectly.

6.Education and career encouragement- It is very essential for a working mother to pay genuine attention on her child’s grades. If required, the mother should get firm and strict with her child and stick to her policies. Motivation for career development and career counselling should adequately be done by the working mother.

7.Cr eate and implement special family activities- Your kids deserve your time both during the weekdays and the weekends. This will allow the nurturing of the family dynamics and improve the family bonding. For instance, family breakfast and a family dinner along with special board games and short movies is a great way to plan your family life. But stick to them regularly. When on a vacation, avoid operating your phone or indulging in your work.

8.Stay connected all day long- It is imperative to stay connected with your child. Be it in the form of a video or voice recorder or a personal special note, a child needs this special treatment from his mother. For instance, you should make it your habit to call your child during your free time and during your child’s breaks. Watch movies with your kids or hang beautiful family photos at your home so that your children can see your face during the day.

9.Spend quality time with your better half- Nurturing the relationship with your partner is very important as he would be the one standing with you against all the odds. Go on monthly dates and discuss all the family problems with each other.

10.Employer- employee communication- For an effective balance there should be a proper and open communication between you and your employer. For example, you should be frank about your maternity leave and its duration, so that you are able to give ample time to your kid.

Mothers who are working as well must never feel guilty when going on a job. They can still fulfil their responsibility towards their kids by understanding the ways of modern parenting which is a must to strike a balance between job and kids. Thus, the above mentioned tips might not solve your all the time management issues but can help in simplifying your work and child’s life.

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