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With each beach trip, we're looking to catch more than fish

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Since March, the kids and I have been going to the beach almost every day.

Here in Florida, we're fortunate to live so close to so many and to be able to find ones that are pretty uncongested where we have way more the 6ft between us and others.

Except for when this mama has to remove a hook from a caught fish, each of us has found a newfound love for net, hand, and pole fishing.

As I gathered up our gajillion belongings for today's beach outing, I got to thinking about how rejuvenating the beach can be.

Without a doubt, lately, I have been feeling "over it” —




activities being closed,

all the family time,

all the home-cooking,

and the monotony of it all.

But something about these daily trips to the beach and doing some light fishing helps the kids and me relax.

I think when we throw that fishing line into the big, wide-open ocean, we're looking to catch more than snook, trout or redfish.

With each cast, we throw out not only our bait, but our hopes, prayers, and wishes for surprise goodness to result from our efforts and elevate our day.

If I can be skilled or lucky enough to catch a fish, I can be skilled or lucky enough to make whatever else I need or want to happen in my life, actually occur.

There's power in fishing, and I don't mean us over the fish, but just the knowledge that with




enough believing you are capable,

and some luck or divine intervention,

you can catch anything you want in life.

And, the really cool thing about fishing for fish, or for what fulfills you in general, is that if you don't have luck today, there's always tomorrow and the next day and the next to come back and try again.

The ocean isn't going anywhere,

neither are the fish,

neither are endless opportunities,

and neither are you.

We may not catch much, or anything, but I guarantee you that the kids and I will head home today feeling like winners, and THAT is the beach's power —

its ability to remind us of ours.

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