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This is why the Self Care Movement is BS...

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You're a Crazy Busy Mom. I am a Crazy Busy Mom… at times it is ROUGH!

If you're like me, you feel like a red hot mess, you’re juggling a million gazzilion things each and every day and now you are being told you have to also include SELF CARE - or you will shrivel up and die.

Okay. I am being dramatic, but seriously. Aren’t you tired of looking at all these baths with flowers in them?! I know when I envision having a bath in my house all I see is the floor littered by waterlogged toys and tiny undies with skid marks… not dayspa esque or relaxing!

As a Mom I already feel guilty because I can’t give the kids enough of my attention, my husband has forgotten what I look like outside wearing yoga pants, the house is never tidy enough, dinners are rarely eating without complaints of how bad it tastes or it has green bits in it and now everywhere I look there is some bikini-clad 20 something telling me to take time in my each and every day for ‘Self Care’... so yep… Thanks for that… I’ll be failing there too.

So… What does Self Care really mean?

In my opinion, when it’s not being used by a narcissist twat to justify being selfish and insular… What it means to be Realistic in actually taking care of ourselves as a Busy Mom, who usually feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders?

Let me break it down for you…

  • Drinking enough water in your day

  • Eating at least 1 meal a day that isn’t a cheese stick or the leftovers of your kid's meals and contains something green

  • Showering

  • Exercise - even just 15 - 20 mins 4 x a week

  • Being aware that the house revolves around you, not the other way around!

  • Knowing you may Not be Perfect but you are Totally Freakin’ Awesome! And… You are already Killing it!

And the reason I think this is real self-care. Because all this stuff actually supports our mind, body, and soul and is usually achievable with not too much effort and it will support your life and wellbeing and give you the energy and the mental health to slay your day.

I mean, yeh foot spa’s, massages at day spas are great. I love a good pampering as much as the next Mom. But that is exactly what it is, a PAMPER. It’s not a bi-weekly session easily slipped in between groceries, paying the bills and sorting out the laundry - never mind school runs, sports games and if you work outside the home too.

AND wouldn’t it be great if when you can actually get to a pamper session like a massage or pedicure, that you don’t sleep through the whole damn thing because you are so tired just even racing to get there!?!

So let’s step back and not add another Bull Shit item onto our to-do list, that honestly… just makes us feel like we are underachieving in MORE areas of our lives instead of supporting it.

Let’s Cut the Crap and tell it like it is! The Self Care Movement is BS and who needs the extra guilt! NOT ME!


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