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Gift ideas for every mom

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We’re headed towards our second pandemic-Mother’s Day and moms everyone can – and should- celebrate themselves and each other for a year of pandemic parenting. While flowers, wine, and homemade coupons for things like breakfast-in-bed are always well-received, don’t limit yourself to the usual suspects of Mother’s Day gifts. What can you possibly give the woman who constantly serves as the glue that keeps the family together? Here are just a few ideas for every Mother on your list:


Did Someone Say Chocolates?

Moms everywhere love chocolate and more often than not, we try so dang hard not to eat it on any given day. Maybe we are trying to eat healthy and we simply don’t want to feel the unnecessary guilt that comes along with indulging once in a while because really, moms and guilt go together like peanut butter and jelly (let's change that, though, shall we?). Well, the good news is that there is no place for guilt on Mother’s Day and that is precisely why it is a great day to give the gift of decadent chocolate. I recently tried the lemon lavender truffles from Hilliards Chocolates and they are the perfect combination of rich, dark chocolate and light, smooth ganache. The hints of lemon and lavender will not only make you feel like you are eating extra healthy, but they may also keep your kids hands away from your special treat (bonus!). They are packaged with class and will be sure to brighten any Mom’s day!

Personalize It

I happen to think the best gifts are personalized and with a little (okay, a lot) of searching you can find some really creative options. From socks with her kids’ pictures on them to personalized jewelry, the world wide web is full of meaningful gift ideas. One of my all-time favorites, however, is a personalized bobble-head doll, because really? Who can resist a miniature, bobbling-head version of themselves (or their kids)? It’s sure to make her laugh and will serve as a longtime keepsake. The kids are sure to love it, too!

Underwear that Protects

If anyone knows the struggle of bladder leaks, it’s a woman who has given birth! Yes, we have all been there and there are memes (when you have to cross your legs every time you sneeze, sound familiar?) to prove it. But guess what most moms don’t know? There are some products out there to help you feel secure and fresh and hey, you can finally uncross your legs when you lol. If you a know mom who laughs along with these memes, then be sure to check out the products at Modibodi, which offer leak-protection in fashionable underwear, bathing suits, leggings for the gym and more. I promise you, you will be amazed at the comfort, style and relief their products offer. It is the perfect gift for your best-friend who will be wondering why she didn’t try these sooner. A must have for every mom!

The Gift of Self-Care

Taking care of everyone else first (and yourself last) is basically synonymous with the word mom, right? It really shouldn’t be and it doesn’t have to be, either. We need to normalize and prioritize self-care for moms and I have just the gift to help with that. Therabox is a self-care subscription box created by therapists to promote self-care and inspire happier living. “Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul! We believe self-care = self-love.” Doesn't it just make self-care sound so inviting? Sign me up, please!


While we are on the topic of self-care, you know what would really help this momma out? One of those cool curling irons that provides the perfectly-coiled, sexy beach waves in minutes without the struggle of actually having to twist and rotate (and burn your hands) like the Mermade Pro Waver. My daughter actually has one and I simply love the curls it gives her, but guess what? She decided to leave it at dad's house because, well, I can braid and he can't. Priorities, I guess. But hey, if you can gift me anything that will make my mornings less hectic and my hair look great, please do go for it!


When it Doubt, Give a Gift-Card

I never received a gift-card I didn’t like. The beauty of the gift card is that it’s a double gift for the recipient. She is happy when she received it and then happy again when she chooses to use it. They key to giving a great gift-card gift is to choose a gift card that mom will use for something she would never buy for herself and something that under no circumstances can be used for her children! For me, the best gift cards would be for a massage at my local Massage Envy, a one-time visit from a cleaning lady or maybe a fun session with a tarot card reader.

And of course if this pandemic has taught us anything it’s that the best gifts can’t be bought. Give the gift of love, time and appreciation. Use your words to say I love you, I appreciate you and I am grateful for you!

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