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Why Every Mother Deserves A Push Present

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Push presents - a gift given to a mother who’s just given birth - are the subject of much debate among expecting parents’ communities. Should dad spring for a beautiful diamond ring to coincide with the arrival of his child - something which can be quite an expensive affair? Or should he and mom both consider baby the gift in and of itself and eschew the tradition altogether?

Many parents find an in-between compromise. There’s certainly no need to skip the present entirely - mom worked hard to gestate and deliver that life. For the rest of her days, that day will be celebrated in honor of your child together. Shouldn’t the day she goes through labor be at least partially for her as well?

Mothers deserve recognition

For nine months, give or take a couple weeks, mom carried the baby in her womb. For nine months she provided nutrients and protection, antibodies and warmth. She battled through swollen ankles and stretching skin, shifting organs and dramatic hormonal changes. She may have peed herself, more than once, and she’s probably been sore and uncomfortable since at least the end of the second trimester.

She deserves a present and a moment to celebrate the accomplishment of gestating life and giving birth. The challenge is significant and the risk is great. If we’re willing to give college graduates gifts for completing their degrees and getting jobs. Why not give one to a new mom for completing the challenge of bringing a baby into the world?

Plus, for the next few months she’s going to be tired and overworked. It’s not a bad idea to make the most of the early joy you feel when the newborn arrives by coupling it with a sweet, touching moment of appreciation for her effort in labor.

It helps memorialize the event

A push present doesn’t just tell mom right at that moment she’s done a great job. It becomes an object that memorializes the entire birth itself. Whatever item you choose to give her, be it a ring, a picture book, a necklace or something else entirely, she can look back on that item years in the future and remember the rush of emotions from that day. How it began with labor pains and contractions, fear and anxiety and excitement, and ended with a new bundle of joy, and proud, ecstatic parents.

A piece of jewelry can serve as a worn reminder of the pains and rewards of childbirth, but a more sentimental item like a picture book can be kept in a collection of fond baby memories, and a practical gift like a digital camera or a nice baby bag can provide some immediate benefits and uses as well as provide a fun opportunity to give mom a gift.

Good ideas for push presents

What you should get for a new mother depends on budget and personal interests.

Someone who’s more interested in thoughtful, emotional and sentimental gifts might love a photo album documenting her journey through her pregnancy, complete with things like her first ultrasound image. Finish the photo album with a final slot for a picture of mom holding her new baby. The upside of such a gift is it’s relatively low cost, and will definitely be treasured by sentimental types.

A nice piece of jewelry might appeal to someone who takes joy in quality things. She won’t have time to pamper herself anytime in the next couple of months, so pampering her now with some diamond earrings or a beautiful necklace can have a lasting positive psychological effect.

However, some moms prefer practical gifts. A digital camera can let her begin documenting her new baby’s life and preserve the memories. A nice, attractive baby bag will be put to use immediately and might help her feel more put-together when she’s rushing to get the baby out of the house.

What you want to get for a mom who’s just given birth depends entirely on the mom. But there is inherent value in the idea of a push present, in the idea of recognizing a new mom’s efforts, both during the pregnancy and afterwards. Show mom you appreciate her by getting her something thoughtful ahead of her due date. She’ll appreciate it.

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