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How to Choose the Gifts for a New Mom

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Becoming a mother is a great event in the life of every woman, and it is also a great event for your loved ones. Family and friends come to the sanatorium or home with gifts to celebrate the arrival of the baby. That visit is a good opportunity to give something special to the mother, who needs a good dose of pampering and a lot of attention.

Here I present some options to entertain her in this special moment of her life.

Gifts to connect with your baby

Becoming a mom for the first time or receiving a child back at home finds us with a world of possibilities, options, questions and decisions to make. Many women turn to specific books on motherhood as a way to begin to walk that path. Giving her a book is a very good option for mom to start finding the answers that will later give her the experience.

Gifts to connect with herself and her partner

All the moments lived by the mother until the delivery has been very intense: she probably has not slept well, she worked to prepare the baby's room and leave the house in order and surely she has already bought everything you think you need for your baby. Therefore, the visit by their loved ones is a good opportunity to entertain and comfort the mother. While many choose the classic bouquet of flowers, this is a good opportunity to make a gift that allows mom to rest and connect with herself. A good idea is to surprise her with a session of massages, a set of creams and a foam bath or a new piece of clothing (which is in loose sizes).

Remember that at this time the mother will need a lot of help to take care of her baby, and who better to do it than a professional? If some people come together, paying a nurse for a couple of months can be very supportive for the mother (as long as she wants it, there are some moms who prefer to take care of their baby alone), you will have more time to concentrate on yourself.

There are also cheaper options: remember that this last time the mother had to dedicate herself to be healthy for childbirth and that things are not going to change much in the first months. The great attention required by the baby means that there is little time to be alone with the couple. For that reason, a great option is to give some tickets for the cinema or for some other show, and guarantee that the day you want to use them we will be available to take care of the baby.

Another great option to surprise a new mom is to give a sketch of a newborn. I believe your absolute best memory is seeing your child for the first time, as for any other parent.

You can present a 1:1 sketch scale of the newborn baby. You can find some options here and don't forget to follow on Instagram @tgksketches their four options of posters to remind you every single day of how little your pressure baby was and is.

Giving a gift is an act and symbol of love to express and demonstrate to a loved one your esteem and above all what you love and value.

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