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Challenge: Parent Fails

Why did I ask....?

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Last school year my son had an assignment to draw a picture of a battleship. He proudly showed me the picture he made and pointed out all the different aspects he drew.

"See the canon on the front? That one shoots two canon balls with the chain between them like they have on the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie. There's portholes in the bottom in case you want to stick a fishing rod in the water [note the inclusion of said fish] and there's a bigger canon on the back to get the guys who are chasing you."

I was proud of his drawing and his description of all the different elements it contained, but still curious about the giant ball and chain on the back end of the ship since he seemed to have left that part out. So I asked what it was....

"Oh, that's Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball."


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