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Challenge: Bullying Hurts

Why can’t everyone be kind?

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Why can’t everyone be kind? .

Why is that it’s only been four days of school and I had to go talk to some kids for being mean to my son; I had to ask them to play nice. .

Why is it that it’s barely been a week and my son is coming home saying he never wants to go back; that he is feeling left out and bullied? .

Why can’t everyone be kind? .

Why are there bullies? .

Who can we blame? .

Sure they’re only kids, and kids fight and bicker; but I feel situations like these are minimalized and not taken as serious as they should. .

It’s hard for me to believe that we, as parents don’t play a very big role in this. .

Why don’t we raise our children to be so tenderhearted, to be so compassionate, to be so caring and empathic. .

Why don’t we lead by example? Show our children that no matter what may come our way, always choose goodwill. That no matter what difficulties one may face, always try to give the benefit of the doubt. .

Why don’t we look deeper and try to comprehend what leads a little child to act in such an ill-mannered way. .

Maybe we won’t have little kids acting like bullies. .

Maybe we won’t feel worried for our children when they’re at school for the majority of the day, out of our sight; out of our protection. .

Maybe we need to work on ourselves a little more for the sake of our children; for the sake of the next generation. . . .

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