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When you're always the awkward one: Why I’ve accepted being different

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So you’re probably reading this because you’re somewhat like me. You know, the awkward one who doesn’t really fit in with others. The introvert who prefers the company of a few and finds dealing with with people absolutely exhausting. The one who somehow, unintentionally, always says the wrong thing or manages to offend somebody. The person who despises small talk and dreads uncomfortable office chit chat with co-workers. The one who loathes group lunches at work and cringes at the thought of random social gatherings. The girl whose interests always differ greatly from those she’s around. The person whose age doesn’t necessarily match up with her interests based on societal standards. I am always the one that is just different from the group. I am always “that girl”.

For a long time I was incredibly hard on myself because I wasn’t what most considered “normal”. Why is it that some people can keep a conversation going for hours while I struggle to still show interest after 5 minutes? Why do I mentally dissect every person I meet? Why do I always feel so out of place? I can sit here and ask myself these questions all day, but what it basically boils down to is that it’s simply who I am. I SHOULD NOT be ashamed. It’s not that I’m “abnormal” or something’s medically wrong with me. I’ve always considered myself to be a private person. You won’t find me sharing my business with the world or confiding in just anybody. Does that mean I have trust issues? Of course not! All it means is at a young age I discovered that everyone is not your friend nor do they have your best interest at heart. I possess such a loving personality and have never been disrespectful towards anyone for being different so why is it so easy for others to judge me?

Most recently I’ve not only made the choice to love myself more, but I’ve also decided to no longer concern myself with the opinions of others. Instead of conforming to their expectations, I’ve chosen to embrace my little quirks and push aside those lingering feelings of inadequacy. I’ve stopped scolding myself for not being like everyone else. I could careless if people think I’m odd or unfriendly because I’m not all that talkative. They only feel that way because they made the decision to judge me instead of taking the time to get to know me on a personal level. I will let them pass their judgment and politely turn my back to it. The words of others only have strength when you give them the power to do so. Their opinion doesn’t define me nor does it dismiss all of the wonderful things that make me the amazing woman I am today. I am a beautiful individual with a gentle and kind soul that is often overlooked because socially, I don’t fit the norm. Going forward, I will forever be “that girl” who has chosen to boldly wear her badge of unconformity with honor. Going forward, I choose to simply be me.

She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida and is mom to her beautiful daughter MacKenzie. She is the author and creator of the blog where she shares her thoughts on parenting as well as beauty and fashion trends. Brandi is a firm believer that becoming a parent shouldn't completely change who you are and believes that it's important to love yourself post-baby. She is most passionate about fashion and being an inspiration to her readers as they travel along their own style journey.

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