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When your mom is your go to person

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Even though I'm a mom myself, my mom's still the person I go to.

I go to her when something good happens. She’s the first person I want to call with little or big news.

I go to her for a shoulder to cry on.

I go to her when I’m in the car alone to talk about everything and nothing at all.

I go to her to celebrate the ups because I know she’s celebrating with me.

I go to her for comfort because her voice is sometimes the one thing in this world that can make everything seem okay.

I go to her for advice, and she helps me find direction.

I go to her when one of my children has a hard day, and I need to vent.

Friends can come and go. They move away. We drift apart. They disappear.

But mom has always been there.

Having such a loving mother has shown me that I'll always have someone who will be there for me no matter how difficult life gets.

And I hope to be that person for my children.
That person who they can rest in my care.
Because they know my love’s constant so they can make mistakes and grow into the people they're meant to become.

And no matter how old they are, they can keep coming back for rest.

Because I want to be the person my children go to,


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