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One Mompreneur’s Road to Success - My Sister-in-Law’s Personal Story

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Successful women have always been an incredible source of inspiration simply because they are amazing role models who are able to make some important changes. One of them is my sister-in-law Audrey who’s a renowned mompreneur – both a mom and an entrepreneur at the same time. I’m so honored to know her and to witness her life in person, and I’ll be glad to share some details with you. Here’s her story, so stay with me and keep on reading!

Entrepreneurship is not a 9-5 job

Similarly to motherhood, entrepreneurship definitely isn’t a 9-5 job – there’s much more to it simply because it requires a lot of effort, time, nerves, and money. Some would probably say even blood, sweat, and tears, too. Of course, there are working hours established, but what about all those hours you spend before and/or after them? My sister-in-law runs a successful hair salon in Sydney, and even though she has her staff, there are still so many things that need to be done just by her. Her kids are still very small (3 and 4), which can make it a bit more difficult since they make a complete mess out of her paperwork and download viruses to her computer from time to time. That’s why she’s learned to take everything with a smile on her face, because no one’s said that it’s going to be easy!


Give your child the best possible care

Pursuing your career as a mom and an entrepreneur can give you a hard time, and Audrey knows it best. Her husband, my brother Noah, also has a full-time job, which made it much harder for them to organize and take proper care of their children. That’s exactly why they gave their best to find an appropriate child care center which offers everything kids need to grow up into smart and caring young people. They’ve realized that the amazing Young Explorers Learning Centre is exactly what they were looking for – this center helps children develop a unique set of skills and gain knowledge in a relaxed learning environment, which is more than welcome.


Talk to your partner about everything

My sister-in-law claims that the key to success lies in discussing every possible issue with your partner. Having the same financial goals is essential, so be sure to have the same orientation as your partner. It can be a bit difficult if you’re a saver and he’s a spender, or vice versa, so it’s always a good idea to discuss all the potential problems and threats. Audrey and Noah always make sure to realize what the other side wants, in order to set their future goals when it comes to finances. When you’re both on the same page, everything will go much smoother. Once that’s done, she advises coming up with a detailed plan to make your goals happen. Creating a budget is the first step, so do that and stick to it no matter what. Besides that, you should always listen to each other carefully, since successful communication is one more step towards achieving your goals!


Make sure your working area is well-organized

When your working area is a hot mess, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be disorganized, too. That’s exactly why my sister-in-law advocates proper organization, which is probably one of the most important things when it comes to mompreneurs. Starting with your desk and the office, which can get messed up with huge amounts of documents, files, and folders, to your mental plans that can create chaos in your head – you should really take your time to sort everything out and get organized. Come up with a creative and stimulating working environment that will help you be more productive, which is particularly important when it comes to your home office. Audrey has one at her home, and she says that it was really tricky to sort everything out at the beginning. However, once you manage to do that, everything will be much easier later on!

As you can see, being a successful mompreneur definitely isn’t the easiest task to manage; however, you shouldn’t get discouraged once you get to your first obstacle. Let this story be your motivation and inspiration, simply because my sister-in-law is one brave woman who managed to stay focused even when it got really challenging. Just make sure to stick to your family no matter what, since that’s the only way to strive towards your goals fiercely!

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