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When Twins Aren't What You Were Expecting

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When we were starting to think about having a family, there were a lot of things we planned for. Since I'm a teacher, we tried to plan the pregnancy so the baby would be born in the summer. We analyzed the local hospitals to choose the one that best fit our needs. I took care of my body even more carefully than I did before by exercising daily and sticking to a low-calorie diet. Then, of course, we found out we were having twins. With all of the pre-baby planning, there was no way we could have prepared ourselves for that plot twist! This is what we were thinking as soon-to-be parents of twins:

It’s Exciting

It’s very entertaining to watch people’s reactions when you tell them you’re expecting twins. My family and friends got all crazy giddy about it. I had to be creative with my outfits during the first trimester because, although I was hoping to keep the pregnancy a secret, my double-baby-belly was hard to hide! Everyone was looking forward to our babies’ arrival.

It’s Scary

Regardless of how healthy you are, twin pregnancies are considered “high risk”. For me, the possibility of bed rest was ever looming on my horizon. The chances of complications were doubled because, two babies. So I did what most expecting mamas do and read up on all the terrible things that could possibly happen to one of both pf the babies in utero (even though my brain and husband kept telling me not to). To make things worse, it seems like every woman who had - or knows someone who had - a twin pregnancy also has a horror story to tell of the unbelievable experience it was. I was starting to become convinced that twins bring with them a ton of medical challenges for their pregnant mother. Thankfully, I was able to carry the girls to 37 weeks without any problems.


It’s Hard

The excitement around having twins started to taper off at about 5 months, when I already felt bigger than the Hindenburg blimp. Everywhere I went, people commented that I must be “due any day” or I looked like I was “about to pop”. Oh, if only. With still more than a trimester to go, I was huge I could barely sit upright because of my big belly. Walking short distances left me panting for breath. I could only sit in the car if I leaned like a chola to see over the steering wheel. All I remember from that time is that every activity was intensely uncomfortable.


It’s Amazing

Twins don’t run in our family. We were completely blown away by the mere existence of these two charming girls. Twins are a miracle. A blessing. They are such a gift to their parents that the hardships are all totally worth it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered... why? Why twins? Why us? I’ve been filled with questions from the day I found out I was going to be a twin mommy, most of which I never got an answer to. If I’ve learned anything in the last 5 years, it’s that becoming parents of twins is a wild and completely unpredictable journey.

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