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When it comes to my family, I'm "all in"

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I'm IN this.

I'm ALL in.

What can we really say that about AND MEAN IT?

Not a lot, I conject.

Though we will try.

But, this motherhood thing...

This marriage thing...

This whole making and maintaining a family thing...




For better or worse.

But, hopefully for the better.

That's what most of us women pray for




that all of our efforts are for a purpose.

That our kids and spouses know that even though we

make so many mistakes,

are impatient,

easily frustrate,

and, well, embarrassingly,

yell often,

we are really trying our best.


day after day,

year after year,

to meet the needs of those we love so ridiculously much.

So much so that we occasionally neglect ourselves and our homes which then becomes its own source of stress.

But, for as long as I live,


In your life.

In your heart.

In your head.

In your business.

All in a good way.

I'm making it my life's mission to spend every gosh darn day truly living next to and with my family, with full presence and mindfulness.

I'm working on myself and the I person I am to my kids and husband so that I can gift to this world humans who feel that they can love well and be there for others because they have a mother or wife whose primary goal in life is to do that for them.

It's not always easy.

Sometimes, well, it's




BUT, I'm in this.

I'm ALL in.

Can you say that, too, and mean it?

I bet so.

So know this --

you're an amazing woman and all that you are and all that you do for your family,

it's impressive as hell,

and you're doing an amazing job.

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