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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

​You're not fake if you're trying. Read that again

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You're not fake if you're trying.

Read that again --

'cause I feel like you might need to;

'cause I feel that I need to.

Be reminded that

just because I falter doesn't mean I'm not trying like hell not to.

That just because I yell a lot doesn't mean I'm not working on it.

That just because I can be


easily rattled,




and periodically self-absorbed,

doesn't mean I'm not breaking my back working towards improving myself as a






and so much more to so many others.

This message is for anyone who, on the daily, longs to be a better version of themself but finds themself stuck making the same dang mistakes --

You're not a phony, and your pursuit of self-transformation ain't a hoax or for show.

It's that personal growth IS JUST THAT HARD, and it takes a while.

So be patient with yourself and be patient with those who don't understand the process--your process.

You're not fake if you're trying, so keep at it because putting in effort, well, it's the realest thing you can ever do.

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