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Challenge: Romance After Kids

What if your 'couple goals' is just to rinse and repeat

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What if your 'couple goals' aren't

to lose twenty pounds together

(though getting and staying healthy is great),

to make and save enough to take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation

(though being financially responsible and traveling the world does sound pretty awesome)

or to have a love life so steamy it would make Christian Grey blush

(“Don't get your panties in such a twist...and give me back mine")?

What if your couple goals are just that you

stay together,

grow together,

play together

fight together,

cry together,

forgive together,

trust together,

try again together,

and then rinse and repeat for all eternity?

What if you take the pressure and your stank mood off more?

What if you critique less and compliment more?

What if instead of shooting for the stars, you drape yourself in grace-backed honesty and shoot straight?

What if instead of looking for the moon to be lassoed, you catch some patience and tolerance instead?

What about instead of wondering why you're love ain't like that of The Notebook, you clasp on to some real-life perspective and remember that ain't no one who's been married more than 5+ years kisses like that?

What if, in real relationships, baby puts herself in the corner because it's the only place she can find quiet from her husband and kids, and that good fella leaves her there in the name of supporting her and her fleeting attempts at self-care?

What if, instead of seeing all that your relationship isn't, you recognize all that is — like


the product of a crapton of effort,

and perfectly imperfect;

just like you and the man who came together, a lifetime ago, and said "hey, we're young, but in love, let's give this a shot and see what happens."

Do you know what's happened and is happening?

You're doing it.

You're living out your love story, one crazy, messy, often flawed moment at a time, and it's beautiful -- just like the both of you.

What if YOU and YOURS are already 'couple goals'?

Ever think of that?

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