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What I Learnt By Taking My Kids to a Beach Wedding

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The summer of 2016 was a memorable one indeed spent amidst friends and family full of frolic and laughter. However, it wasn’t a conventional vacation. But then again, as a parent of 2 energetic and extremely curious kids, anything is but conventional in our household! Last summer we had the opportunity to take our kids to a proper beach wedding and the experience was interesting, to say the least.


It all started with the invite for my sister’s wedding that arrived by post one fine Tuesday morning. And then it began, the extensive planning packing and travel arrangements. A family trip is not all fun and games; it requires detailed and meticulous strategy and management. Back then I was a paranoid mom who was always juggling between tasks trying to be a perfectionist in everything I did. From laying out the clothes and beachwear to carrying lotions, sunscreen, hats, beach ball and other accessories - everything needs to be done properly. With our bags ready we set sail (not really, it was but an hour’s drive away from our place) and reached the venue a day earlier.

Beach weddings are a bit unique and different from the kind of marriage receptions my kids are generally used to witnessing. They were pretty excited and pumped up about the whole experience coming up with creative and sometimes bizarre ideas on what to expect from a beach wedding. However, no amount of contemplations could prepare us for the utterly enchanting sight that greeted our eyes that day. The azure sky and transparent blue waters stretching as far as you could see, the sandy beaches decorated with fairy lights and flowers with palm trees around the edges, the venue looked like a little oasis in the middle of nowhere. It was a beautiful day indeed and we all looked great in every picture, thanks to the professional photographer my sister hired from Pixelicious Photography. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear it from her about how easy it was to plan the beach wedding, courtesy web powered services for photographer, food, and decorations.

Apart from all the wine, I just love weddings because they’re the perfect opportunity to not just have fun but also mingle with the family and bond with loved ones. My kids could finally meet all their uncles and aunts whom they had only heard stories or small anecdotes about. Our children especially enjoyed playing around the small kid’s area with their cousins. As parents, I always think a lot about the need to teach our children the meaning of family, trust, love and sharing from a very young age. Social events like weddings are a great learning experience for them to socialize and meet new people.

The entire experience was a lesson for me as well, I learned to cut some slack and enjoy each moment as it comes. For, at the end of the day, it is not about the clothes you were wearing or how good the food was. It all dumbs down to having a good time and celebrating love. Sarah, my little girl who’s way more mature for her six-year lifespan immediately declared how she would want to be married by the ocean as well on returning home. For the time being, we’re just waiting for her to upload the pictures from the wedding on her Appy Couple wedding website.

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