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7 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

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Weddings are usually an occasion for the bride, groom, and their respective families to get together and celebrate. Rarely is this a children’s event and, most often, wedding receptions are a particularly adult affair.

That said, it is inevitable that you will have children present at your ceremony or someone else’s and you need to be prepared.

Keeping kids entertained at weddings is not as difficult as you may think.

In this brief article we are going to offer you seven ways to keep your kids entertained at weddings.

First, consider an outdoor wedding venue or reception. An outside space gives children a lot of room to run around and do their own thing. You could even organize a kickball tournament for the older children, or a scavenger hunt for the younger kids. Whatever you do, having an outdoor reception gives children a lot more freedom of movement than an indoor space.

Second, and regardless of wedding or reception venue, keeping children active and engaged during the wedding and after will help alleviate a lot of the stresses that come along with having children at these kinds of formal occasions. Knowing that kids might have a little more pep in their step than your older guests will help keep both groups happy.

A third piece of advice that caters to younger children is hiring professionals to keep them entertained, such as face painters, magicians, or artists. While costly, putting this task in the hands of professionals might help you avoid a disaster later in the event. Your Malta wedding planner will know just how to put this kind of thing together.

Another piece of advice that may or may not be effective depending on your venue options is to show a movie to the children. While not a terribly active event, having a movie showing as an option could give children a space to relax in between other activities.

A fifth option is to arm the kids with cameras and tell them to run wild recording everything and snapping pics of everything they can. This idea is really neat though it could be costly depending on the cameras involved. Still, you could end up with some amazing footage and pictures from your event - all because you armed the kids with the gear to do the job! You could even hold a contest to dole out prizes for best snap, funniest, etc.

You could also build a kid’s buffet filled with food that caters to younger tastes. This in combination with some of the above options should make the children comfortable and will help them feel included during your wedding and reception.

The seventh tip is you could have a crafts table or board games area. Crafts really appeal to children of all ages and you could even make it themed so that they make their own wedding souvenir. A board games area allows children of different ages to play a wide range of games. You could even place video games in this section if you feel that would be appropriate.

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