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Moms, please wear the swimsuit: I promise it's worth it

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I've seen it posted before, and I'll see it posted again – brave moms putting their fear to shame and wearing the swimsuit. It seems like such a simple thing, yet there is an uproar on social media about it.

Why do we have such a hard time with this?

We spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to position our bodies just right, find the perfect swimsuit and cover up so that no one sees the bodies we view as damaged.


A few brave mommas on the internet have started a firestorm and have created the revolution of just wearing the dang swimsuit.

Even if you have cellulite.

Even if you have stretch marks.

Even if you aren't the size you want to be – because there's something more important than making sure the world doesn't catch a glimpse of our baby-bearing bodies.

And that is fun.

It's rocketing down the slide with your kids screaming with delight.

It's not worrying about how you look, but worrying about making some pretty awesome memories.

It's playing on the splash pad, climbing all of the equipment and chasing little ones around.

It's just fun.

Last weekend I decided I had done enough sitting on the sidelines in my shorts and tank top – and darn it I was going to own that swimsuit and I was going to have a blast!

And you know what happened?

We did have a blast.

We laughed like we hadn't laughed in ages.

We went down slides while screaming with delight.

We squealed with the baby – who found pure joy in the water fountains.

We spent time as a whole family.

Momma, I promise you if you're hesitating, you're not going to regret the joy you will have as you are in the moment. After a few minutes, you won't even be thinking about how you look.

I promise it's worth it – so go wear the dang swimsuit and have fun.

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