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Challenge: Life Changes

What changes when you have kids? How about every single meal time from here to eternity.

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When you become a parent it's your job to keep your kids alive, right? Right! The #1 way is by feeding them and this NEVER ends. You start out as a nervous new Mom possibly feeling like a cow because you're breastfeeding. Or, you're cleaning endless bottles because you're formula feeding. Then, you get all psyched up to start your baby on solids not having any clue this is the gateway to utter chaos for the rest of your life because your baby will talk one day and that's when the real crazy will begin.

I have three boys under the age of 12 and they are loud and for some reason get even louder when they come together at the kitchen table. I will be honest, I hate meal time. Any chance I get to sneak away I am outta there. If I can hide from the:



I need a fork

Where's my water?


Can you cut this?

He's sitting too close to me


All the while I am thinking, "You people are animals."

Last time I looked I am a person who needs to be kept alive by food as well. Is it too much to ask that I get to sit down, shove some food in my mouth and eat my meal in peace? It seems like most days it is when we are under the gun to share a meal together AND keep the boys on a schedule AND still get to where we need to be without yelling and running late. So, I've quietly resolved to let this one go. I focus on the good, my kids eat breakfast and dinner together every day, they are growing up in a home with this healthy routine and structure and life isn't perfect so if I end up shoving oatmeal bites in-between grabbing the cool whip and cutting a pancake well I'm okay with that. Don't worry about me, I'll get to sit down later after all three are in bed at 7pm. Now, that certainly does not suck.

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