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What are high-end home buyers looking for today?

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The home selling process is never easy which becomes even more difficult if it is a luxury home. Most homeowners and agents do not have a clue when it comes to selling a luxury home. There are certain specific elements that high-end buyers are looking for.

The Dubai property market is very complex to navigate alone. It is therefore advisable to hire an agent from Dubai real estate agencies. If you are looking for a high-end property, you should consider the apartments for sale in Dubai. In fact, it is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Dubai. There are also other new off plan projects in Dubai that are expected to be completed soon.

Here are some of the things high-end buyers are looking for today


As technology continues to get more advanced, it has become a requirement to incorporate it into homes. If you want to attract high-end buyers, your home should include latest features like voice command services such as Alexa or Google Home. Also, high-end home buyers are looking for smart security features that can be controlled remotely.

Sufficient space

In most cases, high-end buyers have an army of maids, personal assistants and relatives. So, try to include additional bedrooms. These additional rooms do not need so much space, but are designed in such a way they are comfortable to stay and sleep in. Convert the excess large and useless spaces such as halls into beautiful bedrooms.


Nowadays, privacy is becoming a privilege. This is the reason why gated communities are becoming popular in the recent past. Therefore, if you want to attract high-end buyers, your home should feature appropriate privacy measures. For instance, the property should be surrounded by a fence to keep away prying eyes.

Deluxe kitchens

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important part of the house. Recently, many buyers have been looking for sufficient storage, quartz countertops and wood flooring. Therefore, to attract high-end buyers, your kitchen should be big and feature quality appliances. Eliminate the traditional cabinets and find other innovative storage solutions. This way, the kitchen will look bigger and brighter.

Wellness amenities

As more people are starting to embrace healthy lifestyles, it is good to feature wellness amenities to attract high-end buyers. For instance, you can equip one of the rooms with fitness amenities. The trend of healthy lifestyle extends beyond physical fitness into mental and emotional wellness. So, you can designate one of the rooms to be a yoga studio or meditation space.

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