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Tips For Selling a Home With Kids

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How to Sell a Home With Children


Selling your home is a difficult process which is made more complicated when kids are involved. It is all too easy to become more stressed due to this and find your home is taking longer to sell. Of course, you can successfully sell a home with kids, and there are some things you can do to improve your chances.

I remember back when I was a kid we moved a few times. My parents always let me know what was going on and I had no say in the matter. My sister and I tried to keep in line with what our parents asked of us. It wasn't easy as we were used to having our rooms look like we wanted them. We weren't always happy to be leaving our friends either so it made things more challenging.

I am glad, however, that my parents always sat down and informed my sister and me what they were doing. As a parent, you should always do the same.

Let's take a look at how you can make the process of selling a home with kids go more smoothly.

Let Your Kids Know

One of the best tips for selling a home with kids is informing them of your decision right away. It can be tempting to put off telling your kids the potentially upsetting news that you're moving home. This would be a mistake, however. Your children will figure out something is up at some point, or return home to find a for sale sign outside, either way, they will be confused and upset.

When trying to sell a house with kids, you need to be upfront about what you are planning to do. This allows you to frame the narrative, highlighting the benefits to the family and the kids directly. Give them something to look forward to when moving to a new home, instead of letting them worry about what is happening.

Picking The Right Agent

Whether you have kids or not, choosing the right real estate agent will be paramount to your success. It goes without saying that the agent you pick should have a track record of success selling homes. Interviewing at least a few agents is extremely wise. It's essential to understand there are agents with various skill levels.

Every agent is going to have their own marketing plan. Never discount the importance of seeing what the agent will be doing to get your house sold.

Most people don't realize there is a difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent. The words are interchanged all the time but they have different meanings.

More often than not someone who has pledged to follow the real estate code of ethics is a wise choice. You can expect them to be trustworthy and dedicated to their craft. These are the traits of most agents who have become Realtors. Real Estate agents do not have to follow the code of ethics, Realtors do.

Take the time to vet an agent properly.

Make Your Home Appeal to Buyers

The next step in getting your home sold with kids is putting in the preparation time. The bedrooms of your kids might have been painted in bright colors, or perhaps their walls were covered in posters of their favorite stars. Whatever the case, it will be more appealing to potential purchasers if these personalizations are removed.

Your kids may not be happy with this, but if you get them thinking about how to decorate their new bedroom, in the new house, this should help ease the situation. Also, be sure to tidy away kid's toys and other personal items, so that the home looks as clean and clear as possible. Decluttering should be a priority when selling your house.

Setting the Stage

When you try to sell a home with children you should make sure to stage the property the right way. If you get this wrong, your home won't appeal to the majority of buyers.

Convert playrooms back into bedrooms and make sure that rooms aren't filled with furniture they don't need. If there is less furniture in a room it will seem larger and more spacious. It will also allow buyers to more easily imagine their furniture in the room and how they would use the area.

When the real estate agent wants to show your home, you need to prepare. Go around your home clearing away toys and any clutter, vacuum carpets, clean counters and make the beds. Check that the outside of the home has curb appeal, as well by removing any toys in the yard.

If the agent wants to have an open house, give it some thought before committing. Most serious buyers will schedule a showing with an agent. When you have kids, you'll need them to pack up and be displaced for multiple hours.

Open houses don't normally get the results you might expect and come with many downsides, the most prevalent being theft. These downsides are more pronounced when you have kids to consider.

Store It

If you have been living in a house for many years, stuff starts to build up if you're not careful. This is especially true when you are trying to sell a home with kids. You could have a clear out of things you no longer need and get a storage unit for other items you or your children can't bear to part with.

If you have some space on your property that is out of the way, like an outbuilding, garage, attic or basement, you might be able to avoid using a local storage company.

Whatever you do, be sure to carefully box up items with labels saying what is inside, in case something needs to be found. Though you should only pack children's toys which aren't often used. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where your kid desperately needs a particular toy, which then can't be located.

If you don't have space on your property to store items and you don't want to move stuff to a storage unit, there is another option. There are companies that will bring a storage container to your home and either take it away when full or leave it there. This can also make your move easier since it can be transported to your new home. One of the most well known is PODS.

Packing away your things in advance isn't really extra work since you would have needed to pack these things for the move anyway. It gives you a chance to take more time over packing and clearing out your home ready for the move.

Dealing with Showings

When you sell a house with kids you are going to need a plan for what to do when the agent is showing the property. Have some activities planned and a bag ready with any items they might need during their time away from home. Things like going to the park, visiting friends or going to the mall, are activities which can be used at short notice to get the kids out of the house.

A little advanced planning can make selling your home with kids an easier and smoother experience. Though there are some additional problems, if you follow our tips you could reduce the amount of time you need for your property to sell.

Final Thoughts

Selling a house when you don't have kids isn't always easy. Adding children to the mix can just add another level of stress. You need to have a stiff upper lip and just keep plowing forward. Eventually, you will get the call from your agent saying they have an excellent offer. While you still have hurdles to clear, you hopefully will be well on your way to the closing table.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed these tips for selling a home with kids.

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