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We're never too tired to do the right thing

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The kind of tired I've been lately is a different kind of tired, and I'm sure the rest of you are feeling it too.

I know my husband feels it and think my kids feel it as well, to some extent.

It's a mental tired.

A very emotional tired.

A my tired is tired tired.

We're tired of corona messing with our routine.

We're tired of reading about corona,

hearing about corona,

and talking about corona,

but we can't stop.

If we stop reading, we stop caring as much.

If we stop listening, we stop caring as much.

If we stop talking, we stop caring as much.

See no evil, hear no evil?

No flippin' way.

See no evil, hear no evil, but the evil is still there.

It is an evil, however, that we can combat, by way of listening to what it is that each of us needs to do to save lives and stop the spread, and all we have to do is follow the fudgin' guidelines.

Even when we don't want.

Even when it's hard.

Even when we feel lonely and bored.

Do you know who's not lonely and bored?

The doctors, nurses, and medical staff who have to bust their asses an extra day longer for every freakin person who every freakin day decides that their wants take precedence over the needs of so very many.

I'm tired, yes, and so are you, but we're never too tired to do the right thing and we mustn't stop doing that until we have beat this frickin' devilish thing, one socially-distant person, at a time.

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