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Challenge: Life Changes

We must learn to slow down and see our kids for who they are becoming

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Becoming a parent means your own accomplishments take a backseat to your children's. Life gets busy and we sometimes overlook the fact they're growing up. Take last week for example.

Every year for teacher appreciation I am scrambling, trying to find the best way for my kids to show their teachers they're loved. What do they really want? Do they even keep the notes my kids write them, how long do the flowers even survive we brought, is it even worth it?

But this year, my 5th grader, had his own plans for teacher appreciation. It's his last year in Elementary school so for the last 6 months he has been saving his money. I knew he was saving up for something, I just didn't know what. He babysat, did extra chores around the house, helped the neighbors with little things, set aside his Christmas and birthday money. I just thought it was for a new Xbox game or something. But then he came to me, asking for help. He wanted to make invitations because he was going to invite ALL the teachers he has had in elementary school out for a nice dinner and he was going to pay for the entire meal. He wanted to thank them for all that they have done for him and he wanted to make sure to show them he can work hard for them, like they have worked hard for him through the years. He wanted to make sure they knew he would not forget them before heading off to middle school.

So, he delivered invites, made reservations and showed up at dinner with roses for each teacher and a speech he had prepared thanking them and then informing them he would be paying for their meals.

Our kids are watching us, they're learning from our actions and they're doing things that surprise us. The pride I had in my son that day was overwhelming. Life hasn't gotten too hectic for him yet and he took the time to think of others and knew exactly what they needed most. Sometimes we should take note and not let life get too hectic and take the time to think of what others need most.


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