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We joked about turning 29 three years in a row, but here’s to rocking 39. Like. A. Boss.

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Yes, this week I’m turning 39.

And I’m still singing a babe to sleep at night.

I’m still attending preschool programs and chaperoning Kindergarten field trips. And I’m still up early and working nights, picking up a playroom littered with toy cars and Lincoln Logs.

And I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Because this is my timeline.

My life story.

My love story.

I’ve learned the things I hoped for in my 20s were no match to God’s plans for me in my 30s. He’s proved faithful even when I lost focus, endured heartaches, and got wrapped up in myself at every turn.

When I felt isolated, He brought me playdates.

When I looked a hot mess, He reminded me messy is beautiful, too.

No matter the calendar year, His affection and His refuge do not change.

Yes, I’m turning 39; some of my best friends are already there. And some are a decade younger.

I’m turning 39, and I still dance to MC Hammer when I’m cleaning a house that’s aged like I have, soaking up spilled sippy cups and muddy footprints and the sweetest of memories.

I’m turning 39, and I still can’t call myself a great cook or an expert at much of anything other than speed changing, speed packing and speed cleaning.

I’m turning 39, and I’ve rejoiced over weddings and new babies, and I’ve worn black to grieve lives taken from this world way too soon.

I’m turning 39, and I’ve decided empathy benefits me even more than the other person and everyone is due respect, especially when we disagree.

I’m turning 39, and I’m starting to see some lessons learned turn into wisdom. And I’m watching grandparents sweep in and save the day like they did when we were babes ourselves.

And that’s the thing about age and the passing of time.

A number doesn’t define you.


Because even though we’re living in the temporary, we were made for the eternal. With a love that knows no end.

And God has surrounded me with a village of sweet friends and family who make this story so remarkable and worthwhile. Each chapter of it.

And that’s how I want to describe what it’s like to be 39. Another memorable stop on an incredible journey.

Learning. Growing. Trusting. Defying the odds.

Savoring. Serving. Seeking God’s plan for me.

Thankful for the road that’s taken me here to 39.

It’s been bumpy. It’s been joyful. It’s been painful, and it’s been filled with big bear hugs.

It’s been quick. But it’s been epic.

So, yes, here comes 39, and I’m looking forward to living it.

Fierce. Bold. Like. A. Boss. ❤️👊🏼🙏🏻💪🏼❤️

(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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