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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

Shamed for saying “It can Suck”

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It may be “politically uncool” to say this and I have been publicly shamed for saying it before, but I still stand by it.

It’s my experience.

Autism, is NOT easy for anyone.
Autism can suck...(there I said it😬)

Good days are the BEST!

But today’s doctors appointment was NOT one of them.
Today it sucked.
It sucked for him, me, the waiting room, everyone.
But mostly for him.
I can be stressed because of the behavior, even annoyed.

But imagine how he feels?! I’m sure he would love to just sit quietly and relax like everyone else..but he just can’t!

Screaming, vocal tics, jarring body movements non stop, running off 6 or 7 times has to be absolutely exhausting for him.

And yes, that sucks.

Please don’t judge me for speaking my truth.
But I didn’t like Autism today
Thanks for allowing me to vent...
I actually feel better already...😊

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