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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

It’s Not THAT Bad....RIGHT?!!!?!😬😬😬

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Using This as my journal this was this morning! (Btw my son is 17 and considered severely autistic) Welcome to my world✌️

Spent All night repairing the side security screen door (Logan managed to push it off the frame😁🙄) He’s 6’4”, 210lbs;)

Was SO happy to finally sleep In my bed and not in the living room (with one eye open) so he doesn’t leave.

I recently taught him how to use his iPhone to make calls. He uses FaceTime All the time now placing orders from his room to ask me to bring him a water!LOL!

He FaceTimed me this morning while I was sleeping, and YEP, “mom, water please” it wasn’t until my eyes could focus that I realized he was at the AIRPORT!😂😳😊

..and YEP, as you can door is again pushed right off the frame..

Thankfully not LAX but John Wayne, (which is closer) I kept it cool and said, “wow Logie! You at the Airport?” “Yea, mom water please” Me- “ok Logie on my way!”

We FaceTimed the whole time while I got dressed and drove there! I pulled up to the terminal with perfect timing! He was just walking out, with his rolling back pack, I waved and pulled over, he waved, “hi mom... I love you mom..??” (Just to make sure I wasn’t mad;)

We went for breakfast and then home!

Welp he got that out of his system! I’m actually very impressed and if it wasn’t for him “breaking out” I would have never known he could have done this!? (I would have NO CLUE) how to take busses there🤔)

I asked if he got in any trouble in the airport and he said No, he CAN’T lie so I believe him;)

He just walked around got thirsty and too tired for the trek home😊❤️🤙✌️

It’s a good thing right?! It’s not me being a Terrible parent, it’s a good thing!!! Right???😬😁😂

(I’m very pleased to report that this story is one I wrote a while back and we’ve since been able to stop the eloping behavior;)🤙❤️

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