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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

As parents, we have to take care of ourselves

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You know how when your kid is having a tough morning, you grab 'em a donut and let them ride with the windows down on the way to school?

Or when they reaaaaaaally don't wanna eat their green vegetable at dinner, so you let them eat a sweet n' juicy apple instead?

Or when your kid's mood is just poop, so you encourage them to take a poop, 'cause, ya know, sometimes that helps?

Or when you grab them from their after school activity, and you see them wearing their tired and stress, and so you tell 'em to

take it off,

take a hot shower,

you light a smell good candle for 'em,

put on their favorite song

and pop a bath towel in the dryer for them so that when it's time, it'll be the warm hug they need?





Sometimes a mom or a dad needs just as much understanding and tending to as their pint-sized counterparts,

and though most of our mini-mes are so very willing to care for us,

WE have to care for ourselves.

And maybe that means playing hooky from work, friends, AND FAMILY and taking a true "me" day.

Maybe that means leaving the dishes in the sink, not unloading the ones in the dishwasher, not folding the laundry, and NOT feeling guilty about it.

Perhaps it means gorging on your favorite snack in private and quiet.

Maybe it means taking yourself shopping and buying yourself something.

Or, quite possibly, you just take it back to the basics and make time in your day for

a hot shower,

some quiet,

time outdoors,

food you enjoy,

music that moves you,

a show you enjoy,



Life is busy. I know.

And there's a lack of time and a lack of money that steadily weighs on you.

I hear you...'cause same.

But wearing the weight of your struggles or your fears or the things that aren't your favorite and dim your light doesn't look OR FEEL good on you.

You know what does, though?


Within yourself.

With your life.

With your current situation.

And do you know how you secure that peace?

By bringing it back to the basics and simply taking care of yourself.

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