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How to travel around the world quarantine-style on a virtual spring break

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Spring break probably looks a little different for most families these days. Instead of heading out of town, most of us are staying put. I wanted to figure out how we could add a little joy, not just to our own household this week, but to other families who may be looking for some creative things to do during this time. (And full disclosure, if I can do this ANYONE can. I am not usually that creative mom, but I think all this isolation time got my creative juices going!)

I was thinking WHAT if we could “virtually” travel the world on our spring break? So I started doing some digging and my friends and I found all these awesome museums, zoos, national parks, that have virtual tours happening right now to help those who are staying home. And the great thing about traveling “virtually” is EVERYONE gets to fly first class, (yes, please) and a trip to a different country only takes an “hour” my 8-year-old has decided instead of 24!

With Google Earth, you can actually see yourself traveling to all the different places. It is AMAZING!

My kids LOVE seeing the geography of each place they will be visiting.

My kids are already getting pumped, and to tell you the truth so am I. Hope you will join us, maybe we can wave to you from the virtual sky! Here’s to traveling the world (in our home).


Optional fun things you could do to get ready

  • Each day have your kiddos check the temperature of where they are going so they know what to “pack.” If they are little they will love this, if they are my age kids they will just check the weather:)

  • Make sure they have a passport and airline tickets (make your own, if you don’t have one).

  • Download the app Selfie Maker to add your pictures to famous landmarks for some funny pictures to remember this time.
  • Set up Google Earth to go to your destinations. (I CANNOT EVEN TELL) you how cool this is!
  • Purchase anything online beforehand for the trip that you need. We are purchasing seed packets on amazon to do for Japan day. Also check all the days to make sure you have supplies or improvise with what you have.
  • Set up a space in your house that is the “Airport counter” that checks tickets.



Traveling to Paris to visit the Louvre museum on Google Maps. Travel by the Eiffel Tower and other historic places. Look up facts for each.


Paint your own masterpiece inspired by the paintings. We are taking a stab at a Monet. Check out a tutorial here:

Make some French Cuisine while listening to French music.

We are making crepes with the ingredients we already have on hand and filling them with Nutella.

Learn some French.

Make a French Fancy dinner, set the table with candles.



Head to the San Diego Zoo on google maps from Paris, make sure you have your tickets.

Find your favorite animal to watch, you can watch them live cam

Do one of the activities together online.

Then Head to USS Midway Museum and hear about the stories of those who served.

Make your own aircraft carrier with packing boxes.

Drive down the coast. You can set out beach towels, put on swimsuits and read on the beach. You can build a sandcastle with either kinetic sand or play dough.

Head to LegoLand, make lego creations

Finish with a baseball game, watching the Padres play the Cardinals (or pick your favorite team)

(if you can set up a tv outside or put outdoor captain chairs in your living room, get soda, popcorn, hotdogs, hamburgers for dinner). Wear your favorite baseball cap.



Play Disney Theme Music throughout the house that day.

Wake up and eat your favorite Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. We had to improvise for sure:)

Make your favorite ride out of anything you have on hand.

We are making the Millennium Falcon while we ride the ride virtually.

(my kids took a laundry basket, taped beads to the side for buttons, and used an XBOX controller as the steering wheel).

You can find different rides in different Disney Parks here:

Check out the roller coasters. They are awesome. You could do this outside!

Take your favorite princess to the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique to do hair, make-up, nails. (Mama will be giving her the royal salon treatment from my master bathroom:)


Make your favorite Disney treat: (ours are caramel dipped apples and chocolate marshmallows.)



Head to YellowStone National Park in Wyoming from Disney using Google Earth

Check the weather before you go, so you will know what to pack.

Make sure you bring all your camping gear, (we don’t have real camping gear, so we are using sheets for our make-shift tent.

Make a map of which areas you want to explore and the trails you will explore.

Go Hike in your neighborhood that day and pretend you are explorers in Wyoming.

Set up a tent or fort in the living room or outside if the weather is nice, make food around the fire place or fire pit, if you have one. Play cards around the fire before bed, open the windows and listen to the night sounds.



Fly to the Big Apple. (the Google Earth camera is my favorite in NYC, it’s also my favorite city!)

Take a virtual ride on the Staten Island Ferry

"Feed the pigeons" in Central Park and take a carriage ride. Make your own ride from your bike or wagon. Ride through the neighborhood.

Visit The Plaza and read an Eloise book.

Visit Lady Liberty, get on the Ellis Island Ferry. Check out facts about the Statue of Liberty. Have your kids try to recreate the Statue of Liberty.

Watch a Broadway show like Annie or Lion King. You can watch free at this LINK: My friend’s daughter suggested dressing up for their Broadway night!

Make thin crust pizza or order it from your local business that is doing carry out right now.

Then head to Serendipity and make the world's largest ice cream sundae


Map your trip from NYC to Japan, first class of course:)

Visit the Cherry Blossom Festival

There are lots of different videos to see the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Make a picnic outside and sit under your own trees and pretend they are the Cherry Blossom Trees.

Plant your own mini garden. You can get seeds from amazon.

Try to make Origami HERE:

Make sushi and eat with chopsticks.


We hope you enjoyed your virtual spring break. If you follow along or add your own stops, we would love to see, tag us @bestrongstory #bestrongvirtualspringbreak #springbreakquarantinestyle

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