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#SweetTreats for the Kids: 7 Lovely Cherry Blossom Cake Ideas for The Spring

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The beautiful cherry blossom flower is known for its rich history and portrays affection. United States received its first set of 3,020 cherry blossom trees in Washington D. C. from Japan in 1912.
A cherry blossom finish gives you the perfect finish to your cake whether for a bridal shower or a large dinner party. This finish is easy to make whether you’re a beginner or a professional. And with a floral branch, your cake stands out and pleases the eye.

Below are 7 cherry blossom cake ideas that go with the spring season.


Spring Flowers

It’s a no-brainer to decorate your cakes with flowers. But I’m not talking about the fresh flower here. I’m talking about the exquisite and edible flowers made from icing.

This option may not be cheap but it’s definitely worth the extra cost and stress. Because applying this design gives your cake a memorable look and it also goes with the season!

Painted and Pretty

What if you apply a bit of color to your cake? That’s different from using icing but its uniqueness leaves a great design. Even the surprise catches attention. Because who would expect you to paint your cake?

Your guests are wonderfully surprised when they see a beautiful design that turns out to be color. It’s worth a try.


Ruffles give an image of delicate petals and also has a design with beautiful shades. Ruffles give your cake a unique look and you can add cascading flower ribbon to the design or add nothing.

Whether you apply ruffles to one layer of your cake or all, whether your ruffle is white, ombre, or colorful, it gives you a great design that wows your guests. I have enjoyed this with friends while having the time of our lives at a Party Bus. Nothing comes close to it.

Au Naturel

Who says you can’t use fresh flowers on your cake? Well, with your naked cake that has been dusted with icing sugar, you can apply fresh flowers to your cake. One thing this gives you is a natural look with your cake serving as the fertile ground.

This design goes away from the norm and this is why you should try it.

Rose and Cherry Blossom Birdcage Cake

How many sights represent spring better than a birdcage adorned with roses and cherry blossoms? And this is why this cake represents the season as you bring the reality of nature into your design.

Pink Cherry Blossom Cake

Pink is a romantic color and having your cake adorned with pink cherry blossoms gives it the romantic feel like no other. With flower petals sprinkled around the tiers of your cake, it gives a colorful look to it.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Cake

The Japanese cherry blossom cake combines both color and cherry blossom made of icing. This is a combination that has a hand-painted trunk, blossom, branches, Japanese text and flying bird silhouettes on the cake. Such a beautiful sight.


If you want to make a cake that will be themed after the spring season and you’re willing to try new things, then these ideas will get you spoilt with choices to make a wonderful cake. There are plenty of bakeries who are willing to bake these cakes for you and for your party bus needs, visit this Party Bus website.

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