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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Nurturing Self Love Within Our Kids

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It surprised me when it happened.

Right before we got ready to sing happy birthday to our 4 year old son, I whispered to him: “when we start singing , see if you can take all the love into your heart and feel how grateful you are to be you… just take it all in and feel good about you ok?”

He shook his head yes…

[my motivation: I’ve been more intentional lately about nurturing self-love and self-appreciation within our kids knowing how profoundly essential this is throughout the life journey… I wish I had learned this earlier on in my own experience… grateful now to be more aware and to be actively practicing this key to peace within myself]

To my surprise, during the birthday song, Jalen turned toward me and we just looked into each other’s eyes while holding hands the whole time while we sang for him… it was a moment of pure presence…

Being in that moment with my sweet son is something I will remember forever…

Then when it was time to blow the candles, he turned towards them and blew them out with notable certainty and focus, which can be seen in the video above.

It was such a beautiful and special moment that will forever live in my heart.

As I progress in my own personal and spiritual growth journey, I am increasingly becoming aware of how much our moments with our children can serve as experiences for mutual evolution on a heart and soul level.

May we all give ourselves a little more love, a little more appreciation, a little more recognition and a whole lot more kindness, compassion and care... the journey of inner peace and true happiness requires that we take up the practice of self-love and self-appreciation...

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