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The "I worked harder than you today battle" is very much alive and well

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So I came across this uber-relatable cartoon, which basically illustrates the obstacles we women must overcome to reach our goals while men, so it seems and in general, have clear paths to theirs.

3671d90a04505416ac00c662b99225a5326d4aa8.jpg(image credit to Peruvian political cartoonist, Carlin)

I don't entirely agree with this.

Do women mainly carry the "mental load" of parenting?

Most often, but not always.

And, in very many (but not all) cases, men are dealing with a bit more outside of the home and job stress, at least more than those of women who don't punch a clock at a paid, nine-to-five gig.

Here's my gripe with this depiction of the rat race that pins husband against wife.

Laundry, cooking, and ironing (who the heck does that anymore), while time-consuming, really f-ing annoying and a big to-do, they arent' an impediment to me or any woman reaching her goals.

It's our mindset that's the roadblock.

That, and the judgmental general public that routinely perpetuates the notion that women who

serve up less than Pinterest-worthy meals,

keep an untidy home,

and have kids who wear mismatched clothes 'cause that's all that clean

are somehow "less than" and obviously failing.

Don't get me wrong.

The "I worked harder than you today battle" is very much alive and well in my home and probably very many others.

Daily, I whine about my neverending list of responsibilities and my inability to find a pen anywhere in the damn house so that I can cross any of that shiitake off the list once I get around to some of it.

But, its not lost on me that not only does my husband feel the weight of work expectations upon his back, but, at the same time, he's feeling guilty that he's around less for those kids of his to be climbing up on his for piggybacks or lessening the load on my mine whenever possible.

It's easy for us women to get so wrapped up in the monotony of our lives that we fail to see and give credit to the men in our lives who are undoubtedly struggling just as much as we are to

do right by our families,

contribute both within our household and the community,

love our spouse well,

and raise good humans.

Not one gender is immune from the pressure that life imposes upon those of us who seek presence, mindfulness, and ultimately, balance.


an overflowing hamper,

a dining room table decorated in clothes,

a full sink of dirty dishes,

or a freakin' ironing board is not going to stop anyone

-- man or woman --

from chasing his or her dreams and reaching his or her goals.

Everyone has hurdles, and just because most of those for us, women are more visible doesn't mean my husband isn't stealthily overcoming his.

In my opinion, we're all just a babe in the woods trying to figure out how to be and do it all.

And an accurate depiction of me and mine on life's track would look something like my me carrying my husband and kids half the way and him carrying us the rest,

everyone arguing,

but he and I alternating,

and us going around,

and around,

and around.

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